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Games for girls cooking

You came into the game preparing food. This is a section with games for cooking, or cooking, preparing food games. Learn to cook right now, it is very easy.

In our games, you can find a lot of interesting recipes.
And then, when you learn, you can at home to cook soups, main dishes, interesting appetizers, desserts and pastries.

If you're still just a little girl, then wait for my mom and ready to work with her. We do not advise to include a stove, it is dangerous, and it is better to play games preparing food. You have the opportunity to prepare meals at first with our games are preparing the food, and then the real thing.

Here there are games for cooking, preparing food games with the most interesting recipes cooks all over the world.

Games for cooking


In this section, for girls " hours" , you can learn how to cook the most delicious goodies
Here you will find such famous desserts like "Tiramisu ", " panna cotta " , they come from Italy, but are known all over the world.
Also, you will learn how to make homemade ice cream , it tastes much better purchased .
There is such a dessert " Baklava " , he will appeal to all lovers of oriental cuisine .
For those who are on a diet, Fresh orange suit , or a fruit salad.
So you will find a dessert recipe for themselves and for their loved ones.

Main dishes

In this section, for girls " Main course " , you can learn how to cook delicious meals on the second and dinners.
Most often consists of a main dish of meat or fish with vegetables . First, think about what you or your guests love the most - fish or meat, then see what you can make of them .
Meat chops are very popular , they can be fed with a light green salad, potatoes or rice.
Many people like to cook chicken in the second , some countries popular turkey .
Meat can also be cooked patties and meatballs. They can be served with spaghetti .
Pasta the most popular - it's spaghetti and ravioli , but do not forget that there is such a dish like lasagna .
In this section, " Main course " the mass of fine dishes , which are always prompt you that you can cook.

Game cakes

In this section, for girls ' games cakes " , you can learn how to cook a lovely cakes and pies. Here you will find the very best recipes , learn how to cook the most popular cakes " Pavlova " , "Black Forest" . As well as cakes with pineapple, apples. Obey all instructions of the chef in these games , then you get a great cake or pie. Games cakes come in handy in the future when you want to learn to bake in nastoschy .

Maybe not all of you love to cook , delicious to eat but loved by all. A deal with cooking a meal is still ever have , why not start learning now? So let 's practice in games! Games for girls preparing food with tips will teach you all the nuances of cooking. You will be taught only competent cook, cooking devoted his whole life , because it is in these professionals need to learn. Do not even hesitate, you really need it ! Maybe just that you ocharuete her prince on a white horse :)

Here is a guide ! You are given the opportunity to cook the lasagna , but be aware that the process is quite long and complicated . You do not just have to go through the elements of the speed. To clean the product click on them with the mouse , and the cutting and floats spend your mouse on the balls , good luck!

Prepare a delicious and nutritious mix of garden berries . You can choose these ingredients : peach, mango , cherry , and many other fruits and berries . Prepare it for himself and his friend , you will like it !


Didi games cooking


For those who love the soups and want to learn how to cook them , in this section there is a lot of interesting recipes.
There are very hearty soups , meat , and there are light , vegetarian .
There is an alternative soup .
Soups are very useful , they are easy to cook. See for yourself.
Cookies , cakes

If you dream to learn how to bake cookies , cakes, muffins do , this section with games for cooking you will love .
To prepare tasty cookies , often need flour, sugar , butter. These are the main components of the cookie.
You can add it to the chocolate, nuts, oats , raisins .
To prepare the cakes are usually still need a delicious cream , fruit for decoration. Also, there are sand and cakes.
Play our games for cooking biscuits , cakes , learn to cook them , and do , and other pastries.


Pizza - an Italian dish , it looks like a tortilla round , be sure to have the stuffing on top . The simplest stuffing, it's cheese , most often , mozzarella , tomatoes .
Pizza - a very popular dish in the world.
The history of pizza center began a long time ago , the ancient Greeks and Romans fed cake , similar to a pizza. After appearing in Europe, tomato, in 1522 , a prototype of a pizza.
First, the pizza could afford to eat only rich people, but then it began to eat and farmers .
Italian pizza dough is made from flour, olive oil , yeast , water and salt.

Pizza is loved all over the world, it is prepared in restaurants , cafes and homes. Learn how to cook it , too , we have some interesting pizza recipes .


In this section you will find a lot of interesting games on " Salads ", " Snacks " .
Recipes for salads come in handy for a light lunch or dinner , as well as holidays.
There are salads for easy hand made ​​with fresh vegetables and salads are whole - masterpieces that are cooked for a long time delicacies .
Here you will find all kinds of variations on this theme .
A very popular salad with squid , shrimp , salad with chicken . Recipes snacks can come in handy for quick breakfasts, picnic, breakfast , meeting guests .
Check out what recipes of salads and snacks are offered in our games.


About Perfect Wedding Cake :

All parts of this stunning three-tiered cake you can choose according to your taste - even the bride and groom !
How to play the Perfect Wedding Cake :

At the top of the screen are the category; clicking the mouse on the arrows to see the options available. As for the decorations , near which there are no arrows , drag them to the appropriate places . To start over , click the back arrow next to the figure of the bride.

About Barbecue in nature :

The sun is shining , the grill sizzling heated , Gaumont famished customers ... it's time to get to work !
How to Play Barbecue in nature :

Click with the mouse on the first product , and then on the grill to start frying . When the green arrow appears , click the product to turn it over. When you see a red arrow, click on the product to remove it from the grill , and then click the visitor to give him a ready-made order. When the customer will pay off , click the money. In between levels to upgrade your grill for the money to serve customers even better!

A collection of flash games on Cooking for girls, play for free. Everyone loves to eat, and if the dish is beautifully ukasheno and beautifully served , the appetite is doubled. Sara's Cooking in the online games on Igroflote will help beginners learn the hosts plenty of tasty , beautiful and healthy dishes . In our games, you can make and decorate ice cream, cook the chicken , decorate a cake . Cooking games are very popular on our website , so that section for girls is given special attention . We wish all the culinary online success!


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