Best Old Games in AppStore


New games are uploaded to the App Store constantly, and for good reason: we download games, but usually delete them not long after, so we are usually in the market for a new game to captivate us and keep us attached to our phones. Rather than go through the AppStore to find new games you might enjoy, why don’t you discover an old game, maybe even one you’ve downloaded before?

There are plenty of old games still occupying space in the App Store, but some of them are still fun and could go with at least one more play through, for old time’s sake. What games are these?

Below is a list of 7 old App Store games you need to download today. Check it out, and give these worthy apps another chance.

1 – Tiny Wings

Joining the App Store back in 2011, this app is easy to pick up and but difficult to put down. Tiny Wings is a game where you guide a small, chubby bird that isn’t too great at flying as it tries to reach it’s mother, which is located many islands away; can you reach her?

As each game starts, you are thrown into a race against the sun, as you try to go as far as you can before the night settles in; if you can pick up some speed and get a groove going, you can make it pretty far. This app is regarded as an App Store Essential, and for good reason; it’s insanely fun, easy for anyone to play, and it looks great, which goes a long way to making this a game that actually stays on your phone rather than getting deleted after a few days.

2 – Traffic Rush

This is an ancient game when it comes to the App Store, as it entered the mix back in July of 2009. Damn.

Despite not receiving an update since October of 2014, this game is still intensely fun. You objective here is to swipe cars through a busy intersection; you control every vehicle that drives by, and your job is to get as many safely through without causing an accident.

Back in the day when I was playing this on my buddy’s iPod Touch back in Spanish 3, and it’s great to compete with friends to see who can get the highest score. As you guide more and more cars, trucks, and bikes through the intersection, they get faster and there are ever increasing numbers of vehicles.

It gets intense when you play Traffic Rush, and that is a huge reason why this app is still hanging around. It’s one of the top 10 paid apps ever in the App Store, and if that statistic doesn’t convince you to fork out the dollar it costs to buy it, I don’t know what will.


A 2011 iPhone reboot of a classic arcade game, this app will help you pass the time in dull moments, or if you’re in the mood to throw down some insane, physics-defying dunks, then this is the game for you.

Rather than try to guide five players up the court with your fingers, you play in 2v2 games, just like the old arcade version, only this time you get to play with current players (as well as some unlockable characters). Hit enough shots in a row and your player will catch fire, and before you know it you’ll be running up the scoreboard.

Have fun with this classic game, just a thousands upon thousands did when arcades were still a thing. Boomshakalaka!

4 – Mega Jump

Joining the App Store just before the end of 2010, this fun game quickly shot to the Top Charts, even holding the number one spot at one point. 40 million people have downloaded Mega Jump before, and it’s time you joined the ranks as well.

This is basically a way better version of Doodle Jump, as it has better graphics, crazy animations, and awesome powerups the likes of which can’t be found in the lame world of Doodle Jump. It’s always fun to test yourself and see how high you can climb, and when you hit those fireballs… see ya.

Many apps don’t last a year in the App Store before they’re forgotten or removed by the developer. Mega Jump, on the other hand, is still hanging out, waiting for you to play it; what are you waiting for, it’s free and it’s just a few moments away.

5 – Infinity Blade

Another App Store Essential, Infinity Blade captivated iPhone users back in late 2010 when it joined the App Store. Featuring graphics that had before been seen in a mobile platform, this role playing game takes you on an extensive journey as you battle countless monsters, collect unique and rare items and weapons, and develop a well-rounded character that can trample anything in it’s path.

Of course, a game as incredibly detailed as this one cannot go without a price tag, and it’s pretty reasonably priced at $5.99. Considering you get to play a game on your phone that you’d usually find only available for consoles, that’s not too bad of a price to pay.

You’ll get more than your money’s worth with Infinity Blade, one of the first big, beautiful games to grace the App Store.

6 – UnBlock Me

This puzzle game joined the App Store back in August of 2009, so it’s definitely one of the elders of the App Store, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. UnBlock Me is a challenging puzzle app that stimulates your brain and helps you pass the time when you’ve got nothing going on.

With a free and paid version, pick whichever you choose, but they both have the same features; the only difference is the free version has ads, typical of most free ads. Despite it’s age, this game is still fun and some new features it’s added recently have made it even better; for instance, you can now compete with other players in multiplayer mode, where you see who can solve a series of puzzles with the fewest moves.

Not bad for a free app that’s seen it’s popularity dwindle in recent years.

7 – Angry Birds

Joining the App Store just a few months after UnBlock Me and Traffic Rush, Angry Birds captivated the world when it was released in December of 2009. It took just 10 months to surpass 12 million downloads, and it’s only gotten more successful since.

Multiple exceedingly popular game releases and a movie will turn just about any franchise into an entertainment behemoth, and it’s hard to go a week without seeing something related to the App Store icon. That being said, Angry Birds is still a fun game, and if you’ve never tried it, you should do so.

If you’ve purchased it many moons ago, it surely can’t hurt to redownload it from the iCloud and get back to smashing those evil pigs.

Since the App Store first became a place for developers to share their games and apps, millions of apps have come in and offered themselves up to anyone who would give them a try. Many apps go unseen, but there are some that people may have deleted long ago, forgotten about, or never heard of, and that’s a shame, as there are tons of great apps to download.

To assist your search for your next game, we created a list of 7 old App Store games you need to download today. They’re old, but they’re still gold.

Open up the App Store, and give this deserving apps a second chance.