10 Addicting Mobile Games With Amazing Graphics

10 Addicting Mobile Games

There are far too many mobile games out there to count, but among the puzzle, strategy, adventure, and other game categories, there are some superb games that are totally addicting and have amazing graphics. Most apps aren’t addicting, and even more have bad graphics, but some games have managed to encapsulate both qualities.

Rather than let you fish around with a microscope, we’ve compiled this list into one place, and all ten are conveniently located below. Check them out, and I’m sure that you’ll check out a few of them when you’re done.

10 – Dungeon Hunter 5 by Gameloft

There are zero reviews on this game, but that could change very soon. Dungeon Hunter 5 is your typical RPG game where you play as a character that fights monsters and goes through various levels and collect some pretty awesome-looking weapons to help you slay every enemy who stands before you.

Unfortunately, this free game requires a solid chunk of your iPhone’s memory, as it takes up 1.85 GB, a hefty size that may prevent many people from downloading it, due to lack of space (16 GB iPhones, I’m looking at you). If you have the space on your phone, though, this slasher is worth a try.

As iPhone games go, this one has outstanding graphics and with all of the awesome stuff you can unlock, as well as an ever-expanding storyline, Dungeon Hunter 5 is an fun app with amazing graphics that’ll drain your battery like no other, but you’ll have a blast doing it.

9 – Defend Planet by Argo Studio

If you’re in the market for a simple game to play to pass the time during dull moments but don’t want to skimp on graphics, this game should do the trick. Defend Planet is pretty self-explanatory, as your task is to defend planets from incoming threats.

Your planets have shields around them, but there are gaps in the shields that asteroids and other projectiles can squeeze through, potentially blowing up your planet, but if you tap the screen at the right time, you will turn the planet and it’s shields to block those pesky threats.

Colorful graphics and a simple, clean UI, this free app has cool graphics that don’t try to do too much or create dizzying sequences that give you a headache. Defend Planet looks good, it’s easy to play, and it’s a nice change if you’re tired of all the Crossy Roads out there.

8 – Stack by Ketchapp

Another simple game that features, clean, colorful graphics, Stack is a fun game where you’re in charge of stacking tiles as high as you can. Each tile slides across the screen, and you tap the screen when it aligns with the tile directly under it; if you mistime it, a chunk of your tiles will fall off, making the platform you need to set them on smaller and smaller, increasingly the difficulty of the free app.

It’s a game that doesn’t require much skill, but it’s soothing colors and pretty graphics make this an eye-pleasing game that will entertain you during your down time.

7 – Circle by Ketchapp

Circle is another offering from Ketchapp, and this free app features flat but clean graphics that are pleasing to the eye. You don’t always have to go for 3-D graphics to get the best visuals, and this game is another example of that.

Circle is easy to learn, but difficult to master; you tap the screen to make your circle jump, and if it hits the line that it encompasses, you die. Simple stuff, really, but the nice graphics make it even more enjoyable.

This game can get pretty frustrating, but the cool graphics will help calm you down and prevent you from throwing your phone against a wall. You may not ever score higher than 12, but you’ll at least have something pretty to look at.

6 – Tiny Wings by Andreas Illiger

You might have forgotten about it, but Tiny Wings is still alive and kicking in the App Store, despite it’s not receiving an update since August of 2014. First making it’s way into our lives back in February 2011, this app currently holds the 29th spot in the paid games Top Charts, an impressive feat considering it’s creator hasn’t touched it in two years.

Despite that, Tiny Wings is still a fun game, and it’s classic look has only improved over the years. This slider game features a little bird with wings so small it can’t really fly, so you help it move along by having it jump in and out of little valleys on islands as you race against the sun.

When the sun sets, you’re out of time and the race is over, but it’s always fun to try to beat your high score, or even compete with your friends. Tiny Wings has great graphics, although it’s your basic 2-D slider game, but with vibrant colors, fun sounds, and addicting gameplay, Tiny Wings is an app that is definitely worth the dollar it costs to download, if you didn’t already do that five years ago.

5 – Monument Valley by ustwo Games Ltd

Winner of two awards, the Apple iPad Game of The Year 2014 and Apple Design Award 2014, Monument Valley is a complex puzzle game that features some of the most beautiful graphics on a mobile device that you’ll ever see. Clearly, a ton of hard work and dedication were put into this app, and you will too if you choose to download it.

Monument Valley is a pretty difficult game, but it’s striking beauty and dynamic audio make an incredibly gaming experience; you shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself spending hours playing and admiring the amazing visuals on display. Heck, even President Frank Underwood found the time to play it, so you should too.

4 – Prune by Joel McDonald

While this app does cost $3.99, Prune provides a unique gaming experience and stunning visuals. Your task in Prune is to trim a tree as it grows, helping it avoid obstacles and reach the life-giving sunlight it so desperately needs.

While there aren’t a vast amount of levels to play, it does require some patience and skill to get your trimming just right; with a high price tag compared to most apps, Prune demands a lot, but it gives just as much in return.

3 – Infinity Balde 3 by Chair Entertainment Group, LLC

If you’ve played Skyrim before, and wanted a mobile version of that, Infinity Blade 3 may be the game you’re looking for. The only drawbacks are that it costs $6.99 and takes up nearly 2 GB of memory; just like with Dungeon Hunter 5, you 16 GB iPhone owners are likely excluded here – you simply won’t have the room for it, which sucks considering this game is amazing.

At 7 dollars that may seem a bit pricey for an iPhone game that you could end up deleting the next day, but I seriously doubt you will do that; Infinity Blade 3 is addicting and the jaw-dropping graphics will have you playing this game all day.

Everyone who likes RPGs will enjoy this game, and with graphics like these, you won’t think twice about the price tag once you get started.

2 – Final Fantasy IX by Square Enix Inc.

If you’ve never heard of Final Fantasy, you probably weren’t a 90’s kid, or ever knew anyone who played video games. It’s the classic RPG game that started out on consoles you hooked up to the TV, but now you can play it on that thing that’s constantly affixed to your hand.

Unsurprisingly, this game features intense, complex graphics that take up a TON of space in your phone’s memory, as the app’s file size is nearly 4 GB(!!!). If you have the $21 it takes to buy the app and the memory, and you’ve also been hankering for some nostalgia but don’t want to search for your old consoles and games, you can download Final Fantasy IX right from the App Store.

1 – Infinity Blade by Chair Entertainment Group, LLC

The original offering in the Infinity Blade series, Infinity Blade won the 2011 Apple Design Award, along with about 20 other awards, so you know this app is well worth the $5.99 fee. The graphics are on par with it’s sequels, so you aren’t going to miss a whole lot if you start out at the beginning of the series.

With incredibly fun gameplay and gorgeous graphics, you’d think Infinity Blade would take up inordinate amounts of space on your iDevice, but it only takes up 624 MB; you could fit that on an old iPod shuffle, if you could find a way to store it there (which you wouldn’t, even if it was possible).

If you’re looking for iPhone games that have amazing graphics, you’re going to find a lot of options, but to help make the process easier, we’ve created a list of 10 addicting mobile games with amazing graphics. Some are pricey, some take up a lot of space, but if you’re looking for addicting gameplay and gorgeous graphics, you can’t go wrong with these apps.